How you can build a successful Online Brand Community with Wisdom

a successful Online Brand Community with Wisdom

In this final part of the blog series about online communities, we will talk about how you can build and manage your own online brand community with zehnplus and what sets us apart from other online communities.



As we have seen in our previous blogs, having an online community nowadays can be essential for the success of a modern business. To understand why and to know all of the benefits of online brand communities, we suggest you read this blog first.


What zehnplus offers


With our knowledge community platform Wisdom, you will take your business to the next level, and here is why: 


Our platform brings your customers and employees closer by allowing consistent communication. One valuable benefit from this is that you can connect with your customers, and they are able to interact with each other. Their shared content as well as their feedback and answers allow you to improve your brand and your products according to your customers‘ desires. By creating these spaces where your customers can connect with your brand and fellow customers, you integrate them successfully into the value creating chain. This in turn leads to your customers being more satisfied and telling others about your community, making them your brand advocates. As we have established in our previous blog, this will win you loyal customers as well as new ones, and you will keep growing your community and, thereby, your business. It is also important to mention that the customers are able to see the people behind the brand thanks to the transparency of the company. As a result, the customers can emotionally connect with the company, which is something very valuable for anyone, but especially for younger audiences.



About Wisdom


Let’s go into more detail about Wisdom to better understand how it all started what the platform has to offer.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people started working from home and were confronted with the challenges of hybrid working models. The Wisdom platform was created to help organizations keep and improve their productivity. It was also meant to enable seamless communication between employees, help them create, access and share important information. 



Of course, the platform was also designed to help achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. The idea was to create a platform that would combine a social intranet software, an online community software and a wiki software, because there didn’t exist a platform that included all of these features.



Today, Wisdom has become a groundbreaking platform that offers top quality security standards using Blockchain technology and an Artificial Intelligence-backed engine to manage, store, and retrieve organizational data assets. It is a common platform for both internal and external users, in other words, both company employees and customers can use the same platform and are able to communicate with each other. 



Experience the benefits for your business


Remote work can be difficult, because it is not always clear where to find all of the company’s information and all of the files. Moreover, clear communication can be a challenge with all of the employees working from different locations. This is why it is important to have the right tools to make work easier for everyone and to avoid a decrease in productivity.



With a platform that combines the three softwares with different purposes mentioned above, including an FAQ software, there are benefits beyond cost savings. You experience increased revenue growth, operational efficiencies and customer support. Thanks to real time interactions on any device, seamless communication between customers and employees is possible. Wisdom also allows two-way-communication between knowledge giver and knowledge taker to happen. This means that, different to conventional communication channels, the feedback loop is faster and of higher quality. The knowledge taker is able to receive information in real time and in turn can pass on information immediately. This facilitates knowledge exchange. 



This type of communication brings different advantages:



  • The business receives immediate feedback thanks to the fact that the customers can interact directly with it.
  • Business decisions can be made quickly and be adapted to market changes.
  • Employees are now more engaged in the process and are trained to think like the business leaders.



Another important aspect is the multidisciplinary collaboration. The platform allows different units to be linked together. This is very beneficial for a business because everyone has insight into all information instead of only receiving specific information on the respective area (e.g. Sales, IT, etc.). In addition, data and information can be updated on a real-time basis to prevent them from going stale. Furthermore, work is not duplicated, which means that if one part of the organization solves a problem or if changes are made, the information can easily and quickly be shared across the organization. 



All of these features help facilitate collaboration and increase employee effectiveness as well as their satisfaction. Businesses are able to keep and increase their productivity and don’t experience any negative effects from remote work and the different locations of their employees.



Now is the time to choose Wisdom


Wisdom’s multiple advantages can help you access the full potential of your business. So far, Wisdom has been deployed at top European institutions, among others the Swiss Government, the University of Zürich, Sunrise and XING. We have received positive feedback on the capabilities, user-friendliness and business case of the technology.



You too can be one of them and let yourself be convinced by the many benefits of the Wisdom Knowledge Community Platform! Contact us to experience the Power of Wisdom!


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