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The support package allows you to bring your customers closer than ever before, with advanced support features and customer satisfaction built right into the platform.


SATISFIED CLIENTS providing support with WISDOM

Creating better ways of support for leading brands


Managers can use insights from live data to inform decisions, identify patterns of behavior, and improve the customer experience.



Use the Wisdom search functionality to find exactly what you are looking for, with dynamic relevance sorting and advanced filtering.


Wisdom’s software as a service platform is available anywhere there is an internet connection, for truly remote working that facilitates customer support and leverages the power of community to your advantage.


We use unique, custom-built tools to give You the edge

Wisdom is a branded community knowledge community platform, unifying knowledge sharing and community engagement to empower your employees and customers to work together the way that you want them to. Shared purpose, share values.



Efficient knowledge and information sharing


Provide customers with all necessary information


Higher levels of customer satisfaction and engagement

our customers speak for us

Wisdom is trusted by organizations around the world, including:

"I have just started to use the new functionalities of the newly implemented software and it is really a pleasure to work with the new version. I am very grateful for the extremely good cooperation with zehnplus. The project managers and technicians were always there to support me in my work and to implement our wishes. We are already looking forward to further interesting projects. Thank you very much for your work!"
Frank Berkhan
„The introduction of the Digital Workspace has proven to be of great value for our employees and a good investment. Thanks to this new web application, employees are more focused, faster and thus more efficient in their information, which in turn has a positive effect on work performance.“

Nadège Ntsika
Sunrise Communications AG
„The team was convincing with its serious analysis of customer needs in advance, through active thinking and independent optimization during the course of the project, and, last but not least, through a friendly approach at all times.“

Daniel Hausmann
Universität Zürich
„From the product presentation to the conceptual design to the implementation, they provided a consistently pleasant user experience. Our needs were precisely identified and realized within a reasonable timeframe. Thank you very much!“

Steve Käsermann
Personnel Office of the canton of Solothurn

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