About Wisdom

The next generation in knowledge sharing today

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is a software as a service offering, providing a community platform for employee teams and customers that combines knowledge sharing, communication, and customer support in one easy way. The platform has been built to help organizations:

  • Grow and engage with their customer base – informing, assisting, and connecting with customers
  • Increase engagement, efficiency, and collaboration between employees
  • Support customers with any queries or issues


We use advanced artificial intelligence to distribute and organize information where and when it is needed the most. Our blockchain security ensures that all data and information is encrypted and protected. The Wisdom interface is designed for ease of use with no specialist training needed. Wisdom is truly the next generation in knowledge sharing, today.


Wisdom can be used simultaneously for both employee and customer communication – enabling your business to respond more quickly to customer needs and build closer customer relationships.


As a result of those closer relationships, businesses can offer products personalized to specific client needs, providing an opportunity to grow and build revenues.


Who is behind Wisdom?

Wisdom is a community and knowledge software as a service company, based in Zürich, Switzerland. Originally founded in 2008 as part of Zehnplus gmbH, our experience working with large corporate and government clients has positioned us to develop the next generation of knowledge-sharing technology for businesses and government entities of all sizes.


Wisdom is centered on one idea – how can communication between employees and customers be improved, particularly now that more and more people are working from disparate locations? The platform is built to help companies save time, operate more efficiently, and grow by leveraging the power of community knowledge.