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Are you looking for a software solution that brings together and organizes your company’s knowledge and information? Our knowledge management software stores all the knowledge centrally in a single database. In this way, you can easily find all the information again. In the process, we adapt the software individually to your needs.


Health Promotion Switzerland was looking for a solution


At Health Promotion Switzerland, various off- and online tools were already being used to manage knowledge, and there was a lot of interpersonal exchange. However, the foundation was looking for an internal knowledge management solution with the ability to create an overview by bringing all topics and documents together. Furthermore, it should be possible to search within the documents quickly and in all formats. This would simplify access to information and save time when dealing with customer inquiries and training new employees.


Their goals


Three goals were defined to create an overview of the existing knowledge and to optimize communication and internal collaboration:

  • Relevant knowledge internal to the foundation should be stored in a central tool in a user-friendly and logically structured manner.
  • It should be possible to find sought-after content quickly and efficiently by creating links to the topics that are most important to the organization.
  • The value of the foundation’s internal knowledge should be proactively leveraged.



  • Clear structuring of knowledge and linking of different content types and knowledge carriers via thematic tags and keywords 
  • Easy operation of the tool through a logical and intuitive structure – based on common social media tools for a reduced training effort – and high usability
  • Multilingualism: Content should be available completely in German and French, documents always in all available languages 
  • Revision management: Each time a change is made, a new revision is saved with the possibility of version comments. Versions can be compared and reset.
  • Easy content management with WYSIWYG editor
  • Integrated file and media management
  • Intelligent search mechanism with search suggestions and filtering
  • Detailed authorization and role concept
  • Notification functionality: users are notified of new content and changes

Challenges during the process


  • Content had to be linked via tags, keywords and references and assigned to topics. In the same way, different content types were linked via specific categories. 
  • It should be possible to share knowledge documents of various types (also images, videos, PDF files and Office files).
  • User-friendly, filterable and sortable dynamic views had to be presented. 
  • Topics and knowledge carriers as well as documents should be easily found by means of search suggestions, tags and synonyms, etc.


Despite the challenges and additional new requirements that were imposed, all deadlines were met and all requirements were fulfilled. The project was implemented with a high level of quality. The information and communication platform is intuitively easy to use. The search function can be used to search for key topics, full text in documents of all formats such as PDF, MS Office files, etc., media (videos, images, PowerPoint presentations), activities and offers. Alternatively to searching, there is access to information by business and topic area. 


Why did they choose Wisdom?


Health Promotion Switzerland chose Wisdom because of our many years of experience with knowledge management projects and because WISDOM software is ideally suited for the required functionalities. It is also important that some of the content can be made available publicly or only to specific user groups in the future. In addition, the software solution is flexible and can be adapted to specific needs.

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