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All the essential tools for small businesses, start-ups and interest groups
$ 39
  • 1000 users
  • 3 staff seats


Community and knowledge-sharing features for brands and businesses
$ 129
  • 10,000 users
  • 5 staff seats
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For large companies with complex structures and high requirements
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  • 10,000+ users
  • Unlimited seats
  • custom features

Disclaimer: The shown plans will not be applied to waitlist subscribers. Waitlist subscribers will get full access for free.


See a full breakdown of the features included in the different plans and chose based on what fits you best!

Administrative features
Web-based admin interface
User profile creation
Customize the look and feel of the platform, including colors, logos, and branding
Fully custom design
Remove Wisdom Branding (at the buttom of the page)
Custom code
Community Management features
User management
Create member groups with designated members
Simple registration and login
Activity stream with news and postings
Members can comment on content
Social interactions including likes, dislikes, follow, and bookmark
User preferences can be set for language, notifications, etc
Direct messaging between members
Unlimited number of groups and members**


All your questions answered, free yourself of any uncertainty

Based on your estimated user size and the seats you need you can narrow it down pretty well. If you are unsure you can always use the free version first and upgrade from there when you need more functionality.

Yes! Wisdom is designed to allow you to communicate with customers directly and easily. Wisdom offers multi-layer and multiplayer knowledge management structure, so you can make sure the right people get access to the right information.

Wisdom is fully web-based, so your remote workers can use it from anywhere, anytime. Wisdom provides you with an inclusive digital workspace. All your teams and members in one space.

Yes, get in touch with us to discuss a unique package built around your needs.

Yes, you can create and manage user groups from the web interface. Each user will only have access to information that you allow. Within your community you can create groups and make them public, open, closed or secret groups and assign users specific roles.

No, Wisdom is a fully web-based software as a service offering. Access it anywhere, anytime and save the money to reinvest in other business areas.

We have designed Wisdom to be as intuitive to use as can be. If you do need support or assistance, we are always here to help. There will also be tutorials, guides and a community of fellow users available to solve problems.

Yes, the product will be updated and supported going on. We will work together with our community of customers to adapt to their needs and add functionalities.

Sure! You can change your plan anytime you want – just get in touch and we will discuss your needs.

Yes, all versions of Wisdom include direct messaging support for individuals and groups.

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