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Wisdom online community platform

Meet Wisdom

Are you looking for a platform to create a thriving community around your brand that increases sales and ROI? Meet Wisdom:

  • modern design
  • highly customizable
  • permission-based content sharing
  • community engagement features
  • effortless communication
Wisdom Community Platform

Bringing Value to Your Business

  • Reduce support costs leveraging the power of community, let your customers help each other and themselves
  • Improve your offering through better customer insights and product feedback
  • Save time by streamlining communication
  • Increase customer retention with relationship building, providing a real sense of community and belonging
  • Improving employee satisfaction thanks to FAQ’s, smart-search and clean interfaces

Some of Wisdom's benefits

Connect & share

Centralize knowledge

Save time & costs

A Community Knowledge Sharing Platform that Works for Everyone

Wisdom represents a seismic change in the knowledge-sharing space. The platform has been designed to unify knowledge sharing by giving both internal and external communities the space to share values, share a purpose, and ultimately align for the greater good of your business.

Ways to use Wisdom to empower your business

Engaging customers & employees

A platform designed to engage users, to connect and build deeper relationships.

Improve collaboration & efficiency

Promote communication and simplify knowledge sharing, facilitate information search.

Experience customer support redefined

Connecting employees with customers and create knowledge together.

what our customers say about us

„The introduction of the Digital Workspace has proven to be of great value for our employees and a good investment. Thanks to this new web application, employees are more focused, faster and thus more efficient in their information, which in turn has a positive effect on work performance.“

Nadège Ntsika
Sunrise Communications AG
"I have just started to use the new functionalities of the newly implemented software and it is really a pleasure to work with the new version. I am very grateful for the extremely good cooperation. The project managers and technicians were always there to support me in my work and to implement our wishes. We are already looking forward to further interesting projects."
Frank Berkhan
„From the product presentation to the conceptual design to the implementation, wisdom provided a consistently pleasant user experience. Our needs were precisely identified and realized within a reasonable timeframe. Thank you very much!“

Steve Käsermann
Personnel Office of the canton of Solothurn
„Their team was convincing with its serious analysis of customer needs in advance, through active thinking and independent optimization during the course of the project, and, last but not least, through a friendly approach at all times.“

Daniel Hausmann
Universität Zürich

Plans & Pricing

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Max 100< members
min. 3 users


min. 5 users
Max >10,000 members


10000 <
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